Monday, October 3, 2011

Revisions, Copy-Editing and all that Jazz

A Bigga Mess

Closing in on last tweaks before the book is set in galleys (pages that look like book pages.) Bigga mess on desk.  It has gone something like this, over the past two years:

Write several drafts, submit to editor, receive feedback; revise, resubmit, feedback, tweaking. Ms. 'approved' and goes to copy editor and then comes back to me with questions. Fix it, resubmit, a few more tweaks, off it goes again to be set in galleys.

[Meanwhile:  begin first draft of next book.]

Meanwhile:  talks with editor regarding cover art and interior art  (that begins shortly after editor first sees manuscript, and is ongoing until book is ready for publication.)

Next: first-pass galleys will arrive in a month or two and we'll all (me, editor, etc.) proofread.  Tweak. Fix.

While we're doing that, marketing and publicity and sales departments are ramping up with their expertise.

Then:  second-pass galleys arrive; proofread, tweak, fix.  

[Meanwhile: continue writing drafts of next book.]

Sometimes another final pass (of first book) comes to me.  

Final art arrives. 

Advance review copies are printed (up to four or five months in advance of publication).

[Finish next book drafts; submit to editor; receive feedback; revise .  . .]

About eleven months from now:  publication day of the book that's the bigga mess on desk above.

Ta da!

Soon I will disclose the . . . title.


  1. Can't wait to see the title. That will have to hold me until it's on the shelves.

  2. I found this interesting! I think most people just think that authors write the books, they get edited, and then printed. All of that in-between work is some serious work.

  3. And then months later my sons ask me for the millionth time "Please read A Fine, Fine School Part Two one more time." Or whatever the title is going to be. : )

  4. I'll be waiting for that title. Let's see what your bigga mess turned into this time!

  5. you have just beautifully described the breathing process of writers.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. It is so interesting to learn about a writer's journey to publication. Love it!

    So excited to hear the title of your new book...

    Will there be a hint or two about the storyline or is that top secret until release?

  7. True as True...I love a book with a lotta chapters!

  8. btw SC-
    Strong Irish roots in Portland, especially with the history of the longshoremen.