Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Attack of the Kittens

Look what we noticed under our deck this morning (above).

It crawled out, followed by two more kittens.
I'm allergic to cats, but we petted them.
How could we not?

Bigga mistake!

We couldn't leave.
They crawled up our legs.

Finally, we pried ourselves away and fled inside.

Heard mewmewmewmewmewmewmewmewmew.

They climbed to the top of the screen door

They climbed back up.

We hid.

It was hard, but I'm very allergic.

But they were prepared to wait us out.

Two of them had a nap right near the door.

We could not leave the house. Trapped by cute kittens.

P. S. Update: The mother cat came to the rescue, at least temporarily. She lured the kittens back under the deck by dangling
 a chipmunk
from her mouth.
A cute

It is very hard to write with all this drama going on right outside our door.


  1. Stop! Stop! Tonight I will dream about kittens...cute little climbing kittens!

  2. Gollllllyyyyy. They are so hard to resist.

  3. Kaylyn said...
    I sense the plot to a new book.

  4. That is a lot of drama! And some very cute kittens. I can see why they would be distracting. I'm reminded of something I read in Ted Kooser's Poetry Home Repair Manual, that he used to go into a big cardboard box to write.

  5. Of all the baby animals, kittens are probably the cutest!

  6. Oh my goodness! Too cute and impish for words.

    I do not envy you though. We had this very same adorableness appear a few years ago. We already had our sweet Noodlebug and could not have more. The stray kittens terrorized us, and our screens (!) for a whole month until we found them homes. Not a fun job since we do not feed or encourage stray cats (our Noodlebug is spayed).

    Good luck!

  7. Are they neighbor cats? Or dumped cats?
    Ack, now I'm worrying about them!

  8. Samantha: they're strays, born under our deck, I think. The mother seems to be looking after them . . . for now.

  9. Perhaps you could tape a note to your door?

    Dear kittens,
    As much as I adore your company, I'm afraid you cannot stay for a visit. Reason being: I'm allergic to cats. I sneeze and wheeze and find it hard to breathe around you. Furthermore, it appears that you've worried your mother and she would like you to come home immediately. (In fact, she brought by a chipmunk while you were climbing up my screen.) I wish you the best of luck, kittens. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.
    Sharon Creech

  10. I'm NOT a dog guy, as you know. I wish I was, but that's another story. I'm a cat enthusiast. This story made me laugh out loud. Attack of the Cute Kittens! Talk about a great title.I'm still smilin'.

  11. What a photo sequence, Sharon! This would be a fabulous book...except for the baby chipmunk in the mama's mouth!

  12. Poor "Baby Chippie."

    Love the photo of kitties "suspended" in midair.

  13. Ohmigod, these kitties are adorable!I'm also a cat cat lover, this post is a gift to my heart here, thanks so much!
    *** Love your idea about the title!
    purrs and love
    Luna ( We love Luna ) and mammy Léia

  14. Well, if you took them in, the chipmunk population would be most appreciative.