Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Cloud Lifts

Sometimes you think you know
where you are 
in a story
but then
a cloud descends

and you're no longer sure:

Is this the right setting?
What's down there in that valley?
What is going to happen?
Why can't I see . . .?

You walk from one room
to the next
You wash a dish or two
and then

The cloud lifts!
It's a miracle.
You know where you are.
You know where you're going.

At least for the time being . . .


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Land of Bloomability and Unfinished Angel, continued

If you continue past the Herman Hesse museum
(see previous post)
you will come to a stone arch
that connects two buildings

a path leads you through the arch
and down a short slope

you round a curve
the trees part
and then
you see

You can hardly believe your eyes.

You have to sit there
on a red bench
breathe deeply.

Such a world!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Switzerland and Bloomability

I'm back in Switzerland
in the land of Bloomability
and The Unfinished Angel
coming and going
one foot here
one foot in the States
for the next two years.

Above photo is from one of my favorite walks
through the village of Montagnola
past the small Herman Hesse museum.

Below is a close-up of Hesse's typewriter
in that second-story window:

Something quite charming
about that black typewriter
with white paper
ready to be filled
. . .