Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Desk

Back in the writing mode.  Here are a few things on the desk.  Above:  Rotring T 0.7 automatic pencil; Sharpie ultra fine point marker; Pilot Precise V5 RT pen; and Magic Rub eraser.

Above:  small index cards and colored pieces of paper for jotting notes as I go - reminders of things to fix or include in current pages.

Above:  hot tea and cold fizzy water (usually with lime).

Above: what I call a 'fingerling' - a smooth piece of wood in a pleasing shape and pattern (gift from an artist/craftsman friend.)  Helps me think in between scenes.

More 'things on the desk' in days ahead.

Do you have a favorite pen/pencil and/or beverage that aid your work?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Mishmash

It's nearing the end of August, and the giant hibiscus (above, about 7 inches in diameter) offer up their fragile blooms for a last bright burst.

Pears are nearly ripe:

A few plants are showing autumn colors:

This young chipmunk will soon be gathering nuts:

And I am returning to the work-in-progress, gathering my words, hunkering down.

How does your life change as the summer ends?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Storm and Baby Squirrels

Yesterday morning a fierce storm blew through here, shearing the tops of solid, old trees.  Scary, but no damage to people or structures.

Today, when we were investigating the tree damage, we had this hollow hickory taken down, and -

- we heard squeaking.  Out of a knothole, fell these baby squirrels:

We saved a section of the tree and, using sterile gloves, placed the babies back inside. We could hear the mother scolding from nearby, so we know she's aware.

I was going to write this morning, but . . . I got distracted.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Small Figures, continued

Continuing from last post:  more 'B-movie figures' with small animal figures, a sample scene the grandchildren concoct.

Think of all the possibilities for dialogue . . .

I admit that even when the grandchildren are not here, I set these up around the house.

I bet you'd do the same.  Right?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Small Figures

My grandchildren love small figures (my grandson calls the human ones his 'guys') that they manipulate in various dramas.  They've done this since they were old enough to talk. It fascinates me how well young children become story-teller, director, animator, stage and prop hand, camera man/woman - maneuvering among these roles with ease.

Often we film these mini-dramas (I take photos & compile in slideshows; lately they're doing their own with a Flip camera.)  On our recent trip to Maine, we took along some 'B movie figures' that I had found (like the man on the left above) and a couple artist models (like the one at right.)

The figures went everywhere with us and the grandchildren:  to the dock, to the lawn, to the picnic table, in the car.  I brought some home with me.  They're like book characters - set them up and see what they say and do.

I've lost my mind, right?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Exploring Maine

Even though we live on a lake (in western New York state), we were lured up to a lake in Maine for the past two weeks. Our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren have been singing Maine's praises for several years, and so we joined them, and we saw what all the fuss was about.

Clear, clear, clear water, in abundant lakes with granite islands, perfect for kayaking and swimming.

Miles and miles of coastline jagged with bays and coves and rocks.

Masses of blueberry hills and hiking trails and vistas of green mountains and blue-gray lakes and ocean.

"Lobstah!" Fresh, tender, sweet lobster.

And it was all fine, fine, fine.  But finest of all were the grandchildren: the joyous, energetic, healthy, loving, imaginative grandchildren.  For them, I would go most anywhere.

You been to Maine? Have a favorite spot there?

P. S. Brattcats: we loved having time with you en route. Thank you so much for your warm welcome.

P. S. Birdman and Elenka: we had all intentions of tracking you down (with forewarning), but were swallowed up by all of the above. Next year?