Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Mishmash

It's nearing the end of August, and the giant hibiscus (above, about 7 inches in diameter) offer up their fragile blooms for a last bright burst.

Pears are nearly ripe:

A few plants are showing autumn colors:

This young chipmunk will soon be gathering nuts:

And I am returning to the work-in-progress, gathering my words, hunkering down.

How does your life change as the summer ends?


  1. Hopefully the cooler weather will let me back outside to do much needed gardening chores that get put on hold during the heat of the summer because it's just too hot!

  2. Let us survive the Irene first. Then we'll contemplate fading summer. hahahaha

  3. oh, goodness, it's all a trip down the same river with scenery changing on the banks as I rush past in my little raft.

  4. That is some hibiscus blossom! I have to say that I enjoy the changing enough to start getting serious about riding.
    See ya!

  5. That chipmunk looks ready for a chase ;-)

  6. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  7. "August Mishmash." My first thought was, "Who is this man named August Mishmash?" Then I looked at your lovely end-of-summer photos and thought, "Of course."

    The hibiscus is beautiful— a royal pink empress.

    I smiled when I looked at the one of the chipmunk. He appears quite relaxed but I think he/she is ready to jump into action when so ordered by Mother Nature. "Ready, set, go gather nuts!"

    Fall is my favorite season but it is usually short-lived. Knowing that the end of summer is near, I tend to open my house windows as wide as I can, and as early in the day as possible. I love the brisk morning air... even if it makes me sneeze.

  8. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pre-autumn images! School officially begins for teachers this week, and that means an end to the savory summer days of reading and special projects. Instead of the freedom to choose my schedule, I must be at school, ready for readers, at 7:45 each weekday morning. My husband and I negotiate our shared duties (that I have done during the day all summer). I must walk and run in the pre-dawn darkness instead of in daylight. Aside from hunkering down to write, what else changes for you in autumn?