Friday, October 7, 2011

Chipmunk and Agents

So, now a chipmunk has followed in the squirrel's footsteps and is watching me as I work.  When I aim the camera, it turns its head away slightly (as above), as if to deny that it has been spying.

A chipmunk has nothing to do with an agent, but a blog visitor asked on the last post if I have an agent, and the chipmunk is watching me compose an answer:

Yes, I have an agent and have had one since I wrote my first novel. When I lived in England, I had a British agent with an American representative; since I moved back to the States, I've had an American agent who has a British representative.

I've worked with my current agent for thirteen years, and I trust her completely, value her advice, and admire her talents. I rely on mine to sort out contracts and foreign rights, to provide sound analysis and judgement regarding major publishing questions, and to represent me with integrity.

I need an agent, but not everyone does.

The chipmunk is still watching . . .


  1. I do enjoy your posts about the publishing of your books. A nice peek into your industry. Cute chipmunks...funny how he turned his head.

  2. I'd say they know you are worth watching!

  3. wasn't he satisfied with your answer?

  4. This guy is a 'secret' agent, I think. Did he help you guys get the dock out? Or just sit there chuckle? What a guy(or gal)!

  5. Ya! You guessed it... that was me- my alter-ego.

  6. Chipmunk, a.k.a. Squirrel, a.k.a. Copy Editor. He knows that if you look him in the eye, the truth will be revealed. He's a lovely little guy!

    Thank you for this information. It's interesting to hear about the world of publishing, especially from someone in the midst of it.