Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to Work

Since it's officially too cold outside to be lolling around in the hammock or the kayak or on the swing, it's a good day to return to the work-in-progress.

The book that I finished this spring (THE GREAT UNEXPECTED - out next fall) has a wider canvas than the one I'm working on now.  It seems to go like that: a longer book with many scenes is often followed by a book that is more spare and condensed.

I'm looking at these ducks on the lake, the simplicity of that image.  That's the sort of thing that is appealing right now.

Back to it . . .


  1. I'd love to know what goes through that brain of yours! So many questions. What is the first thing you do when you are starting a new book?

  2. Do you have a bit of a routine in order to set yourself in the mood to write?

  3. Well hullo there Sharon!
    Allhorsestuff here otherwise known as KK.

    Thanks for the visit today at my horsey blog nice surprises...finding you and your writings. I'm intrigued by both the books title's, will have to keep a lookout for "The Great Unexpected".

    Yes its becoming colder and most recently, Oregon City has added rain again. I'm not ready to go Inside just yet though...planning a ride with sister tomorrow. It's wet but 60 still.

    Horses need to be in good muscle shape for the softer, deeper sands of the beaches. Near the surf is hardest and best. The danger there is a surf go.g in and out - under- the can cause dizziness. If I'm riding near the waves that flow I make sire to turn into incoming and away from returning waters...keeps everyone upright!

    Looking forward to reading more of you here! Live the glimpse of the swing around that grand tree. Ducks too!

  4. Lori: A book begs to begin when I have a strong image in my mind of a person and a place and when I hear the voice of the main character. Then it's a rush to find out what that person wants to say.
    Farmchick: No special routine - just a cup or tea or glass of water and a clear space on the desk . . .turn on the computer and hopefully, just GO.
    allhorsestuff: You're funny. Thanks for answering my Q about the horses in the sand.

  5. I love spare, condensed writing. Can hardly wait for your work-in-progress to become a book on the shelves!

  6. And is one more difficult for you, Sharon? Or do you prefer the variety of wider canvas and then sparse/condensed? Wishing you well as you hunker down and write.

  7. Posse: thank you.
    Library Jewel: Each presents its own challenge, and I like the variety of wider then sparse . . . do you have a preference when you read?

  8. I finally got my hands on a copy of Walk Two Moons. I've been checking the bookstores for months but I could never locate it. By simply asking for the book, I learned there was a Newbery Award Winners section in the children's department.

  9. ps. thank you for the wonderful poem you left on my blog.

  10. I'm looking forward to reading The Great Unexpected when it comes out.

  11. Hi Sharon,
    You mentioned sitting at the computer with a cup of tea. do you always write directly on the computer or do you write longhand on paper first, or a mix of both?

  12. PMD: Always write directly on the computer. I can type faster than I can write by hand.