Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Croquis, Design

I love things like this fashion sketchpad.  It is full of croquis (rhymes with pokey), figure templates. I hadn't known such a thing existed until I came across this in our local bookstore.

Often when I am in the midst of writing a new book, I dream of finding beautiful dresses – unusual and unique ones with elegant but simple lines and materials (linen, cotton, silk) and when I wake, I'm disappointed that these dresses don't exist.

I realize, though, that they are part of creating anything new - your mind is sorting and sifting and combining, in hopes of making something elegant.

The two garments below are not elegant - I just quickly drew them on the croquis so you could see what the templates are like.

There are hundreds of croquis in this sketchpad. You could go crazy, funky, wild. You could try outrageous hairstyles and jewelry and shoes. 

Sort of like writing a book . . . you could go crazy, funky, wild . . .or simple and elegant . . .or whatever you choose.


  1. I really like the creative aspect of this.

  2. Cool. Sounds like a fun way to expand your creativity. Or maybe even rein it in!

  3. i might leave them all naked, but i'd have to put faces and hair on them. this is such a fascinating post, you give us such a beautiful window into the way your mind works.

  4. What a wonderful tool to express your creativity! I don't think I could use the templates to successfully create the designs, given my lack of artistic skills. Have you read A VINTAGE AFFAIR? I love the descriptions of the clothing she acquires and sells, especially the cupcake dresses (of which I often dream). I am never certain which color I would want most.

  5. I think it's a great exercise of imagination as well!

  6. I love: the word croquis (new to me); the sketch pad (so cool. . . I want one); the lovely off-the-shoulder number you sketched (how elegant that would be in black velvet)

    It would be quite interesting to see drawings of the dresses in your dreams.

    When you dream about dresses, are they symbolic in ways beyond the sorting and sifting you mentioned? Why dresses?

  7. This fashion sketchbook is very inspiring!