Friday, September 30, 2011

Love That Girl, Love That Dog

Again: the photo says it all.

It needs no words. . . but it also inspires words. What is the story of this girl and this dog and this place?


  1. An undeniable connection…

    A lonely girl (a broken home and unfamiliar surroundings) and a "lost" dog named Lady (according to her tag).

    But strange occurrences..

    The dog only makes an appearance whenever the girl is distressed—no matter where the girl is. The dog stays nearby until the girl improves but then it suddenly disappears again.

    The girl feels a strange bond of sorts with the dog but she can't explain why. Yet many special people have been lost or left behind throughout the young girls life. Could it be... ?

  2. I don't know, this makes me think a bit of Christina's World. It evokes a similar mood.

  3. ... just time to get away and think on a fall day.

  4. love that girl
    with the dirty feet
    who follows her friend
    through mud
    and leaves
    and prickly branches

  5. I could think of more situations if it was a boy. I used to run around with our dog a lot.