Thursday, September 8, 2011

Writing Day

We've had a week of rain after a dry spell, and the roses in the garden are loving it.

In the shower this morning, the next two chapters of current work-in-progress revealed themselves to me.

Just like that.

All that pausing for paws (last blog) and flowers and what-not, watered by the shower, must have nurtured the story.


  1. I am hopeful.

    I am getting a new Macbook Pro laptop tomorrow. I want to use it to write some short stories in the evening. I don't like to drag this big machine in the living room where I try to relax with my tank of oxygen.

    The only way I have been able to publish or get published is to do it myself and I no longer have the resources for things like

    I went to Amazon dot com and typed in your name and was astonished to see such a huge collection of books. I even watched a couple of videos of you and your editor. Interesting stuff.

    I have done or had a television series but that was long ago when I was a lot younger.

  2. Glad you're finding some inspiration. And who doesn't love a beautiful rose!

  3. What an amazing post! I love making discoveries as a reader and as a writer. Maybe it's the same way flowers feel as they begin to blossom and bloom...

  4. That rose is stunning. Get inspiration where you can.

  5. How incredible to receive your ideas just like that! My best ideas percolate during my morning walk/run, and I am able to come home to write or take action on them. None some to materialize quite the way your chapters did today! Someday - when the book is published - I'd love to know which chapters they are!

  6. The perfume of roses always brings inspiration to my heart!Glad that you great ideas and inspirations with your beautiful roses.
    The first picture is breathtaking!
    Happy weekend
    Léia :)

  7. How wonderful to watch your garden grow.

  8. You're surrounded by pretty things, no wonder inspiration comes!

  9. I find rain a rejuvenator in many ways. Writing, creating, living.

  10. These are so gorgeous! Makes my heart sing...