Monday, January 10, 2011

A World in an Eye

Is everything you see shaped from within or without?

This close-up of an eye startles me because it absorbs the light instead of reflecting it, and so it looks more like a planet, a world.  It reminds me that we shape our own world(s), and that my world, while similar to yours, is also different from yours. Sometimes I think that I write in order to imagine what you see and to clarify what I see.

Above, it is my eye you see.
With your eye.

Dizzy yet?


  1. Your words today struck me as so true. On the way to work, I even recalled then and thought some more. Sometimes pieces of blog texts travel with me all day. Yours did today.

  2. Yes. Very interesting shot. I'm going to have to try flash?

    By the way, I appreciate all your comments. You are going to have to come for dinner sometime!

  3. Well, that is a startling photograph and something I was not expecting. Enjoyed your commentary, too.

    I had two cataract surgeries in December and two implants. For the first time in 30-35 years I can see most everything clearly and brightly without glasses! Absolutely amazing! The only time I need glasses now is to read very small print in dim light. I use $5.00 glasses from Walgreens!