Saturday, November 26, 2011


During this post-Thanksgiving weekend, everything is a jumble - what I call 'mishmasheroni':  clearing up from the holiday, catching up with mail and chores, and creating order on the desk to return to a work-in-progress.

In the midst of this bustle, two photographs arrived. 

This first one (above) is of my six-year-old grandson being a soldier.  
That's a crab pot strainer helmet.  
Of course.
When my own son was young, I didn't buy him toy guns,
but he fashioned guns out of sticks 
and helmets out of pots

The second photo (below) came from my friend Louise. Her dog had pups.  Two of them:

I mean: really.
Who could resist these?

They will be trained by Fidelco to be guide dogs.

Lucky future owners, mm?

And that is my mishmasheroni for today.

I hope you're having a good weekend, wherever you are.


  1. AIEEEEAH PUPPEHS! *is struck all of a heap*

  2. Love that word - mishmasheroni! Wouldn't that be an interesting name for a recipe?

    Like you, I never bought weapons for the boys, but they managed to create them from numerous objects. What is it that all about?

  3. love the helmet, love the pups. love the mishmasheroni. hope it was a delightful thanksgiving.

  4. A great word to describe this holiday break. Such a mix of things in our house as well.

  5. Love this post, mainly because I also didn't buy guns in the beginning and soon found both my son and my daughter making them out of Lego and eventually down in the workshop fashioning guns out of wood. Points to your grandson for creativity with the helmet!

  6. I never wanted to buy guns to my sons. But tey always manage to make ones with anything: brooms, wood, spoons..(sigh) must be something in the boys blood!
    Those puppies are soooooooo cute !!
    and I love this strange word! it makes me think of Mary Poppins and her "superfragikadilisticexpiadelicious" (in french! )

  7. Adorable moment and so beautiful pictures!
    love to your heart!