Sunday, July 5, 2009

That Harry Bliss

No, not Barry Blitt. Harry Bliss. BLISS.

I am a huge fan of Harry Bliss with his crazy, funny, mind and brilliant drawings and hilarious video clips. He did the above cover for Heartbeat and also the cover for Replay:

(The blurriness is my faulty picture taking, not Harry's. The image is actually much crisper than my rendering here.)

Harry also did the cover and all illustrations for A Fine, Fine School, which contains one of my all-time favorite Bliss illustrations. The school children have just been told they will have school on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays and all summer long, every single day.

Cover of A Fine, Fine School

You may know him from his covers and cartoons for The New Yorker. Brilliant! We are fortunate in that our regional newspaper carries Bliss's syndicated cartoons. Does your paper have them, too? (Again, the blurriness is mine, sorry, sorry.)

Finally, for today anyway, Harry Bliss is on Facebook and YouTube, where you can access his 100+ video clips.

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  1. Today I am not 'bliss'ful about being unconnected to Facebook and YouTube. Oh, my.