Monday, July 13, 2009

Young Creechers

Above are some of the young, fun, buoyant Creechers:  one boy holding his own in this group among five especially cool girls. 
Yesterday, the children selected rocks from the lake, decorated them, added messages, and placed them at the base of a maple tree which we've planted in memory of my brother Dennis who died in January.  The kids made this a sweet, joyous occasion. We sprinkled a little tobacco over the earth because my brother was a smoker and would have appreciated the gesture.


  1. What a gorgeous family!! (did you figure out the picture posting on Blogger? Looks like you did!) xx

  2. Kate: Nearly. I still can't get the text to wrap around the pics as you do. Thanks so much for the draft blogger tip, tho.

  3. I enlarged the shot of the rocks around the memorial tree. What a wonderful idea. And the tree itself looks so dapper, as if it's wearing a little scarf to keep its throat warm.