Friday, July 24, 2009


Like many children, both of my grandchildren get up in the morning and start layering. They often begin with 'regular' clothes (shorts or skirt, a shirt) and as the morning moves along, they add layers: boas, an extra skirt or leggings, gloves, necklaces, ribbons, hats.  Each new adornment requires a shift in mannerisms. The blue gloves and purse above prompted an instant "la de da."  In The Unfinished Angel (Sept '09), the character of Zola dresses in multiple layers, just like my granddaughter.


  1. Pearl becomes more bewitching each year. I love that the children start out with the basics and then add layers as the day progresses. With me it's the opposite. I start with the boas and gloves...

  2. haha, brattcat, yes, I can see you beginning with the boas and gloves and shedding as the day goes on!