Friday, September 11, 2009

The Unfinished Angel, launching

Mixed feelings about launching a new book. . .


  1. Hmmmm, indeed. I can't imagine anyone will do anything but bill and coo over this little angel of yours.

  2. I can't wait to see your new book!

    I know exactly how you feel. You want everyone to love your child as much as you do! I have 2 books out this fall: a picture book - Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach and a professional book - Scared Silly: 25 Tales to Tickle and Thrill. What will the world say about my "babies?"

    As parents, it is our job to "give wings." So the best we can do is let our words take flight and hope it makes other people's souls soar as well. I wish you the very best!!! Hugs!

  3. brattcat: you are so clever with words that it took me a while to connect 'bill and coo' with the pigeon on the cover. Duh!
    Dianne: I'll look forward to your books. Esp. love the title for the picture book.

  4. Miss Sharon (as we say in the South),

    What would you think about my posting this short video of you on my blog with some very simple title like "Isn't that the truth?" or the title you have above and an announcement of your book release?

    My blog is fairly new so not a huge audience, but about 500 people in 15 countries (says Google analytics) and my guess is most of those readers are other writers, esp of kid's fiction. So it's not your main readership, but maybe a little help on the word of mouth front? And then we can twitter about it (another few hundred followers).

    (you can email me at if you like).

    I would of course be delighted to post any other thing you'd rather (just the book cover -- which I link to -- and a link back to your blog here, for example).

  5. Cate: Please feel free to share the video, yes. That's what it's there for. And thanks.

  6. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Unfinished Angel! Ever since the third grade, I've been a big fan of your books, Ms. Creech. I've read all of them except this one now. My favorite one of all is Bloomability and after reading it and your posts, I also fell in love with Switzerland! I've been trying to convince my parents that we should visit Switzerland but they are afraid of riding in planes. (I guess I'll just have to go with my future husband someday.)

  7. GirlwiththeBraids: If you liked Bloomability, I think you'll like this one, which takes place in the same village. You'll get there one day, I bet . . .

  8. Hello Mrs. Creech:

    Natalie wanted me to tell you what a terrific experience she had reading with you at Eagle Pointe Elementary. She is doing a book report on your book The Unfinished Angel and inside the sphere, (book report) will be a pigeon! Her favorite character is Zola! Thank you for an amazing opportunity and wishing you all the best to your family and any future writings!

    Currently, Natalie is reading Heartbeat.


    Mrs. McKee

  9. Mrs. M: Thank you, and please thank Natalie again for me. What a great job she did!!