Friday, August 7, 2009

Herman Hesse

In 2007-08, my husband and I lived in
Switzerland, and it was in the village of Montagnola that I wrote The Unfinished Angel. A photo of the stunning view from that village is at the bottom right panel of this blog.

Each day, as I walked through the village and down the hill, I'd pass Casa Camuzzi, part of which has been turned into the Herman Hesse Museum. Hesse spent much of the latter part of his life living in Casa Camuzzi and, in addition to writing, his interests were gardening, drawing and painting. Often he incorporated his drawings and paintings in letters to friends and family.

Although Hesse is better known for his writing, I especially enjoy his watercolors and in seeing that he captured so many of the scenes that I took pleasure in on daily walks.  Below are photos of his typewriter and his art materials.  If you're ever in southern Switzerland, you might consider a stop at this museum and a walk through the area.


  1. I remember Narcissus and Goldman as well as Siddhartha being hugely important to me as a teen reader, though can't remember why specifically now (isn't that just the way it is?). When do we start re-reading everything?

    I have so loved everything I've read of yours. And you've been an important part of my learning to be a writer for young people (late in life after other careers). My new blog here:

    My YA novel is for the first time getting an exclusive read with an agent. Fingers crossed and thanks in part to your fine examples for my getting this far.

    Your writing, by the way, reminds me some of Nancy Antle's (Playing Solitaire, Lost in the War, among other titles) who has been my writing teacher in the more literal sense.

    I wish you all the best with your latest launch!

  2. I wrote earlier this month about my first encounter with Hesse, which you can read on my blog if you like. Last weekend I travelled to Montagnola - it is so beautiful there, though I was surprised by the huge houses and the expensive cars etc. It was wonderful to visit the Hesse museum. Thanks for your description.