Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We all need encouragement from time to time, mm? The above note, which now rests on my office window ledge, was written on an interior envelope which contained a letter from a fan/reader. Several things I like about this note: that it says 'keep on' instead of 'keep up'; that it was first written in pencil and then retraced in marker; that this second envelope was used to hold the special letter (the outer, addressed envelope not being secure enough perhaps); that the reader recognized that writing might be 'hard work'; and that the reader was thoughtful enough to send encouragement. All of these things tell me I would probably like the writer of this note very much.

I wonder what bits of encouragement other writers keep on or near their desks . . .


  1. Hi, I love this post. That note is very sweet. I enjoy getting letters from k-3 graders. They are heartfelt and heart opened. I mostly enjoy the mispellings. How interesting, the potent good wishes expressed in the note on your window are conveyed even with the wrong words. I felt them in Brooklyn :)

    Wow! "The Unfinished Angel" cover. Did you know that I hide a white dove in all of my books? It's a good luck symbol. Here's the story:


    Best Regards, Melanie Hope Greenberg

  2. You are a most observant author, to take note of these details. How many more letters crossed your desk the day you received this one? Did you note details like this in other letters, too? Or was this one special?

  3. Melanie: Love the dove note--I'll look for it--thank you for letting me know!
    brattcat: The note was buried in a pile of mail, and yes, this one was special. I did not take such careful note of every letter. You are a curious cat, mm?