Friday, December 2, 2011


I admit a love for pencils and pens
all the instruments of writing

I also admit that I bought myself a present
greedy girl
the Blackwing pencils above
a box of them 

Steinbeck wrote with Blackwings
(I learned this from Sara Zarr)
: :
they are hard and smooth
of course

(Do you have a favorite pen or pencil?)


  1. With you at the helm, I'm sure they will produce elegant words.

  2. I am a pencil!

    little words with lots to say
    I hope my pencil to be:)

  3. I like soft lead, so you can see what you have written or drawn. Why am I not surprised that you love using the "equipment" of your trade?

  4. mr. brattcat shares this passion with you. i'll use whatever comes to hand and am often chastised for scribbling away with an impossibly dull pencil. i do love the idea of writing with a 'blackwing'...

  5. I will have when you tell me how I can get my own Blackwing. :-)

  6. i prefer pens and my favorite is a pilot V5 extra fine in blue. if i used pencils, i'd probably end up erasing most of what i had written.

  7. I love all writing materials, too. I don't know a writer who doesn't! Blackwing pencils look nice. My favorite pens are PaperMate, and I usually prefer blue ink over black ink. I don't have a favorite pencil, except that it must have a fun, colorful, bold design! Since Thanksgiving I've been writing with my Christmas-themed pencils. :)

  8. I always use prismacolor turquoise pencils and micron pens. It's funny how creatives people are attracted to specific tools!

  9. Sarah - I love those micron pens, too; didn't know about the prismacolor turquoise ones tho - will have to investigate!

  10. I think I could live comfortably in an office supply store. Love paper, pencils, pens, art supplies. . .

    Thanks for the pencil info.

  11. Well, if Steinbeck used them, then why shouldn't you!

  12. I'll use what I find. That's about it... ok, I'll be honest. I do enjoy a good, fine-point, black ink pen.

  13. Smartly sharpened, soft lead wood pencils with a great eraser handy, at least a dozen within reach. When I travel I have several Bic disposable pencils.

    In school I used an old mechanical pencil of my dad's with a telescoping pincer that held the fat lead in place. I sharpened it with sandpaper on a small board...

    Don't even get me started on ink pens... more than I need for sure


  14. Wolff Carbon Pencils in several degrees of hardness or softness. They are the best plus paper stumps when drawing portraits or anything else.

  15. I've got a blue ink pen that follows me everywhere.

  16. OMG they still make Blackwing pencils? They are the only kind my mother used, down to the nub (being a child of the Depression). The last Christmas she was alive she gave me a box of them (she had given me many boxes of them for Christmas since I was a child) and I hung onto the last two from that box, now nineteen years later. I looked once on ebay several years ago and a single Blackwing was selling for $75. They must have re-issued them? What a treasure!

  17. Cate's Folly: You can find a dozen for about $20 total.

  18. I am definitely a Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencil and Pink Pearl eraser kind of girl!

  19. I do have a favorite pencil of mine and it is nearly 3 years old. It is a pencil my best friend, Jimmy (also my crush), lent me the day we met. I was really mean to him that day, the reason I don't know, and I kept the pencil. I rarely ever use it, but mostly on a test. When I do use it though, I always come out with the nicest things to write about.