Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pattern and Story

I am drawn to pattern
- not rigid, symmetrical pattern - 
but to pleasing balance

In life as in story
I need to see the particular 
and understand how it relates
to the whole

It wasn't until I got home
from my walk
that I noticed the similarities
in the scenes that caught my eye

much as, in writing a story,
the patterns are not always evident
until I complete a first 'walk' (draft)

but then, once noticed,
the task is to oonch them to the surface



  1. my 'oonching' takes ever so much longer. i need many, many walks to see the pattern.

  2. Peek inside my iPhoto files and you will find similar photos. Lots and lots of them. I am also drawn to things that are balanced—in a comforting sense. I believe that may also be the case with people. . . drawn to those seeking similar "balance."

    Observation: Layers upon layers in these beautiful photos.

  3. Beautiful photos Sharon. I can see how they relate to your writing. Have you had much snow yet? We are into mud here.

  4. i think pattern and rhythm walk hand in hand. what wonderful tools for writing.

  5. Beautiful analogy, Sharon. I'm fascinated by patterns, too. Patterns and wavelengths and harmonics of similar things.

    Oonch them to the surface – I love that!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a cozy weekend. – g

  6. Talk about patterns. Talk about texture.

  7. I like the pattern made by the cut wood. Wood always speaks to me , in many ways.

  8. Suzanne: you know: 'oonch' as in nudge/squinch/lift/coax. Oonch.

  9. I love this post - you make me want to open my eyes even more on my walks.