Sunday, May 22, 2011

Simple Beauty

There is so much flashy beauty in all this spring springing, but today I looked down at my feet, at the dewy grass, and ta da! Look at that. All those perfect dewdrops on those perfect, green blades.

It's all too much for the little brain to handle.

Relate it to writing? O-kay. It's like the fertile start of a story, all that promise of newness and sparkle, dazzling to the mind's eye. And then comes the heat of summer. You have to mow (tame, edit) all that green stuff. And then fall: it threatens to die on you.

Well. I tried to relate it to writing. I tried.


  1. I was out and about this morning, camera in hand taking pictures of things I would not ordinarily take pictures of.

  2. " much flashy beauty..." what a great and unexpected observation - so different. And yet, even though I don't consider myself a flashy kind of person, I do like Spring's beauty...and your picture. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it xo

  3. Writing needs nurturing just like growing things do. So you succeeded.

  4. And then of course there is the perfection of the dew drop and the striving of the author to do the impossible, to make with words an equivalent perfection.