Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gift on the Dock

Look what I found on the dock this morning: a perfectly perfect egg (from a duck, I think). I'd love to know how it got there.  Two male mallards were sunning themselves nearby. No females in sight. Was a duck simply not able to contain herself?

Since I can relate just about anything to story telling and writing, naturally I see that egg as the story waiting to be hatched. Something's in there, all the ingredients necessary. It merely needs careful incubating and will emerge when ready.  Don't neglect it, though.  It'll never hatch if it's neglected.

Are you incubating something?


  1. Maybe the males were partners and the egg came from their surrogate.

  2. That is one cool photo! Keep it for the intro to your new book it has inspired.

  3. Ah, too bad for that little egg. Cool picture, though!

    Yes, I am incubating something. A new little picture book. Got a mostly finished draft but I'm not sure I'm loving the format, so I might have to "sit on it" for a while. :-)

  4. so have you brought it in and placed in under a warming light?

  5. I wanted to bring it inside; I was sorely tempted. But I didn't. Maybe the duck would come back for it? Roll it to a nest? It's not there this morning.

  6. French words in my head, I guess... :)
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful insight to my day!
    I love your ideas!

  7. I would love to know how on earth it got there! Great post, Sharon :)