Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I've Been Doing

I've just returned home from a few weeks on the road for The Unfinished Angel book tour. I don't have much voice left, but here's a little end-of-tour clip:


  1. Welcome home both to you and your angel. You are so hip in your J Crew, girl! And do you ever look delighted to be sitting in your own space again.

  2. Brattcat, again, responding to your comment. If you enlarge the shots by clicking on them they often reveal details you just can't see otherwise. In the case of the cat photo, there are two puddles, one in front of the cat, one behind it. Both are reflecting the trees overhead. Both are relatively shallow. I, too, felt dizzy looking at the scene and wondered if I could capture that topsy-turvyness in a photograph. Thanks for looking and caring, SC.

  3. This being an unfinished angel business couldn't be anything like being an unfinished writer could it? Wondering where my training and assignments are...not quite speaking the language either.

    So glad you made it home safely. I hate traveling, except for the parts of it I love. Weird that combination of so relieved and vaguely let down when I get home.

    JCrew's inventory hit my quite hard this season, I confess. ("You're too old for this!" I say to myself. But it doesn't work.) Love your t-shirt. Got myself one of their ruffly collared long-sleeved ones. But now they email me every single day. And I can't quite bring myself to stop them.