Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talking with Editor

Watch, yes?

Creech and Editor Joanna Cotler discuss The Unfinished Angel

with thanks to Jenny Brown at TwentybyJenny


  1. Hi Jenny. Hi Joanna. Such fun to see you all in Sharon's hotel room on the party-bed talking writing process but after all that I think I'll take a nap now.

  2. Two of my favorite people in the world!! Love That Video. (I especially love the pillows in the background.) :-) and xoxo

  3. Just finished your book last night, so a huge treat to see this video now!

    I loved the voice of the angel so much. And Zola a magnificent character. All of them really.

    Every time I read one of your books I am reminded how much heart and story one can put into few words. Such a wonderful challenge you set out for the rest of us!

    I've flung four books to the floor in the last week. But this one made me smile and marvel the whole way through.

    I wondered for a moment if Zola was going to be a ghost, that scene where she says she's not a people. There is some lovely ambiguity in there as well.

  4. Sharon, you are such an inspiration. I love how you can take such a small moment in your life that most people would pass by with little or no consideration and make it into the inspiration for a book. I’m working on taking those small observations I make in my writing and figuring out a way to one day write a book. It hasn’t come to me yet, but I hope one day soon it will.

    I also love how you talked about how you identify with Jack in the Love That Dog/Hate That Cat video. I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving the world Jack because if it hadn’t been for him, I’m not sure I would’ve come to love poetry the way I do now. Every April in honor of National Poetry Month, I do an entire unit on poetry. I start the unit with Love That Dog and I end the unit with students memorizing and performing a poem of their choice. It always amazes me the transformations that happen to students as a result of this one month of their lives. Last year I had a struggling student who was new to our school finally find her voice through her poetry performance. I was so blown away with what she did and I never would have witnessed this victory for her had it not been for Jack. To me he’s a real person. I talk to my students about Jack all the time.

    And while I’m gushing, can I just say that you are an English teacher’s dream? So many of your books disguise learning in the form of entertainment. With Love That Dog it’s poetry, with heartbeat it’s overly used words and footnotes, with Absolutely Normal Chaos it’s Homer’s Odyssey. I can definitely tell that you have the mind of an English teacher.

    I can't wait to read the new book! Watching that video made me add it to the top of my "To read" list.

  5. brattcat, Kate, when Lyle saw this he said, "Someone should have made the bed!"

    Cate and Beth, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I am passionate about teaching and about writing, and I guess you can tell.

  6. Hi Sharon

    Wow you have made my day - a real author commenting on my simple little blog momotimeto read. You are the second US author to do this (the first was Elizabeth Winthrop last year and I have not stopped talking about THAT!) Now you have posted a comment - you are so famous here in Australia!!!

    This is such an enormous thrill for me I am just 'blown away'. I really do love love love your books ....

    I have been trying to promote poetry all year in my school we have 830 students from Kindergarten to Year 4 and over 30 class teachers. I can't wait to tell them all that you noticed my blog!

    Thank you so much for taking a minute to post a comment. I will look out for your new book hope it doesn't take too long to arrive in Australia.

    Margot Lindgren
    Avalon Public School
    Sydney NSW Australia

  7. Hi, I am kind of young and I just found your blog. Your book, Walk Two Moons, is amazing! I love it!

    - F.O.N