Friday, February 6, 2015

Snowy Snow, Mainey Maine

And so it goes
the snowy snow
of this Mainey Maine 

Another world
this quiet white coated world

Swirly drifts
and startling sun bright
. . .

. . . but there is work to be done
to clear a path
from here to there
and there to here



  1. Mainey Maine looks coldy cold!

  2. Just gorgeous! We haven't got that much snow here in CT, but still it's a transformation. As long as winters are white and beautiful, I don't mind the cold.

  3. These photos look like our place. It just keeps coming. My experience in my many years here make me realize that Jan/Feb March are just crap shoots. Roll the dice and see what you get. That and enjoy all the winter wonderland shots. Hope those trees aren't damaged. Stay warm, my friend.

  4. Holy moly! I hope you did not get all that snow at once! Nice to see you two!

  5. I can only guess how hard it must be , as i've never lived such a situation . But , believe me , seen from far , it's really BEAUTIFUL !

  6. That is a lot of beautiful snow! It looks so soft and innocent...

  7. That's a LOT of shaving cream!

    I was in the midst of the "pineapple express" on the Pacific Northwest coast when this was posted. The wind blew and it rained for days. Looks like yours was (is) the frozen equivalent. . . with more on the way.

  8. I feel your pain. ...and I'm not just saying that to be sympathetic!!

  9. It's soooo beautiful! Snow shoeing and cross country skiing are more fun than shoveling, still, one needs those tunnels.
    PS I miss your visits to my bloggy blog.