Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Unfinished Angel scene: The Nature of Signora Divino

Today, one more reading from The Unfinished Angel.  Sometimes the Angel throws pine cones at Signora Divino and her grandson Vinny.  Sometimes the Angel pinches them a little. In this scene, the Angel explains why.

This is the last scene I'll read from this book.  Probably.

Video clip


  1. Awww, now I'm wearing tears in my eyes and a goofy smile of admiration for you and your lovely, lovely book.
    But I'm also wondering who called. And where you got that beautiful sweater.

  2. Hello Sharon:

    Natalie and her family want to wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

    Looking forward to new ideas and writings in 2010!


    Marcia, Natalie and Tom (Husband)

  3. Thank you Mrs. M and family, and happy holidays to you, too.

    Brattcat: I'm happy you liked that scene. As for the phone call, it was a telemarketer! And the sweater is a 7 yr old one, Ralph Lauren.

  4. Have enjoyed your readings this past week. Aren't OLD sweaters just the best? They have that lived in look. I have a special one from Ireland that I love, even with gigantic holes in both elbows. HappyHappyJoyJoy!

  5. Wow. I loved this book. You are amazing! <3