Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back in England

Well. I tried. About three times now. I'm back in England, attempting to give you a glimpse of our cottage. At least it's short! Click on the link:

Creech in England


  1. I don't know why sometimes the video shows up automatically and sometimes it appears only as a link. . .does anyone else know?

  2. It looks like a charming place from chair rail level and up. You look wonderfully rested for someone who just hopped over the sea. Must be that England agrees with you.

  3. How wonderful and cozy -- I wish I was there having tea and a scone with you right now! xx

  4. I think the youtube videos require you to go to their site, but the other ones work straight from your blog.

    I enjoyed your video: your cottage looks beautiful, and you did a fine job filming. :o)