Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So much world in so small a space. Look at that amazing dandelion. Each of those little white threads ready to fly off, each carrying its own world.  Boggles the mind.  Well, my mind, at least.

I like seemingly simple things: clean close-ups, small impressions, single flowers, 'ordinary' people, though no person is ordinary if you zoom in for a close-up, just as no flower or stone or weed is simple if you lean in and focus.

I like this lettuce, grown right outside my door, so delicate and astounding:

I like this birch bark, with all its convoluted curls:

Many years ago, I read a slim book about an ordinary man, Marcovaldo, by Italo Calvino, and while I was reading I felt as if this book was a doorway with a sign saying, "Come on in," for this was the sort of story I knew I would write--stories about seemingly simple, ordinary people.

If you write, was there a book like that, that opened a door for you?  If you don't write, do you like the simple or the complex?


  1. That birch bark looks so delicate in the closeup picture. No wonder deer and elk like to nibble on it!

  2. (Click to enlarge--photos so much better that way!)

  3. ... any wine recipes for the hated dandelion? hahaha

  4. I like a little of this, a little of that...

  5. I'm still thinking of your words today.I really don't know if I could write now.I used to write and enjoying the letters, the words...Nowadays I'm so confuse when I need to put my feelings and thoughts as words in a paper.I have mixed English, French and Portuguese here!
    Well...I'm sure about one thing.I love reading your "words"!Thanks so much!

  6. Wonderful photo of the birch bark.

  7. Thanks for visiting Spittin Tabacca Juice. I have closed that blog and incorporated all of the contents and comments into Abraham Lincolns Blog.


    Thanks for the kind comment you left there this morning.

  8. It depends on my mood and state of wakefulness. Sometimes what is simple on the surface contains deep meanings below.

  9. I thought you were kidding about liking to look at trees/bark...but your bark is much better than mine. Why do I feel like biting something?