Saturday, May 28, 2011


Like many parts of the States, we've had an awful lot of rain. For this part of western New York, it is the wettest May in 119 years.  But we are nowhere near as bad off as the people in the midwest who are suffering devastating losses.

Our dock (above) is not supposed to be under the water. Ahem. We are hoping it will not break apart and float away.  Meanwhile, naturally that pic reminds me of writing--about 40 pages into a new draft, feeling suddenly swamped, sinking, hoping the whole story does not break apart and float away.

Fortunately, there are a couple life preservers attached to the dock :)

Is the weather (real or metaphorical) challenging you these days?


  1. Please send some of the water to us. We're officially having a drought and my garden is looking very thirsty. As for the draft, all I can say is HA! Been there a million or so times before. I think that swamped sinking sensation is what keeps 99% of the rest of the population from dropping everything to be writers because the rest of our life is SO MUCH FUN. Think of it as the gatekeeper.

  2. Yes, the weather is challenging. Hot, windy, and dry. We need rain desperately! The spring hay crop was about 20 percent of normal and if we don't get rain soon, there won't be a summer hay crop. Many farmers here are selling their livestock because the cost of hay is so high they can't afford to feed their cattle and the pastures are so dry there's no fresh grass for them to eat! We'd just like a smidgen, please!

  3. What? A drought in England? And for the rest: yep yep yep.

  4. Kathy--oy, how I wish I could send some of our water your way! Here, the farmers can't plant crops because the fields are flooded.

  5. We are very fortunate compared to some. The lake must really be high, for it to cover your dock.

    Yes! The crazy weather has me very concerned. Too extreme and volatile.

  6. I'm with Lori, this weather is very strange.
    For us, cold and rainy to 90 degrees with little in between..and the storms!

  7. Impressive shot, I'm worried about people there. I hope they are safe now.
    **Here the weather is nice, fortunately.
    Take care please.

  8. We sometimes forget that a lot of water can mean ALOT of water for lakes and ponds too. I hope it was down a bit to enjoy the dock over the past weekend.

  9. great shot of the flooded deck - here the weather is so changable from one day to the next