Friday, May 6, 2011

Northern Spring

After witnessing a full-blown spring down south (North Carolina), we've returned to western New York state where spring is just beginning.  Hungry for green and for flowers, I gathered up a few plants at the local farm market: geraniums (above) and lettuce (below):

No plot is ready for these wee plants, but they were calling my name.

Bushes and trees are just beginning to bud:

You can see the pale greens from a distance:

And you can spot my husband's sense of humor:

Writing? Right.  I'll resume soon. Have to dig in some dirt first  . . . Are you a digger?


  1. I love the tree face!
    We're greening up quickly here- thank heavens! I am happiest at the end of a long day of gardening..the tiredness that comes from a day of soil, sun and wind.

  2. Oh, yes, I am! Digging in the dirt is one of the few activities that cleanses my brain. I can think of nothing except pleasant thoughts for hours while pulling stubborn bermuda grass. When I'm done I always feel refreshed and invigorated. I see tasty salads in your future.

  3. Yes! We are greening up here in Massachusetts at a rapid pace. The azalea's and lilac's are beautiful. I cannot wait for the Lupine and Irises. I love autumn, but definitely feel an energy resurgence in the spring.

  4. It is looking like spring over there! Dig away...tis the season.

  5. Digger! Small garden that can bring such joy, yet it drives me crazy some years, when the woodchucks and deer attack.

  6. Spring is really taking off here in Wisconsin. I also have the urge to plant and grow. Fresh picked green beans and tomatoes are the most anticipated crops. I will have to wait a while for those though.

    Your "tree face" is quite cute. Seeing it prompted me to post photos of a couple that we have hanging. The store packaging referred to them as "doppelgängers," which are scary things.

  7. I was in the South in March and amazed that it was spring with dogwoods and azaleas, both of which have yet to bloom fully here as our spring is so late this year.

    Thank you for stopping by – lovely to hear from you. It's amazing, I was just thinking that day that I wanted to pop over here and see what you were doing and bling! there was your comment.

    And yes, I do dig. We have half an acre and we do it all ourselves. Lots of digging!