Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fog and Crabapple

Woke this morning to this sight: the crabapple tree in full blossom and fog over the lake. White, misty light and white blossoms.  

Went in search of a few more vegetable plants for our small garden, and by the time we came home (with zucchini and pepper plants), the sun was out for the first time in many, many days.

Had to go kayaking. Had to.

Had to.

Hope you 'had to' do something equally nice today.


  1. It was the same way here this morning. I did not go kayaking. However, we did have lots of sun and some serious heat. I rode the lawn mower for hours.

  2. Pretty crabapple. We have some pink ones that bloomed in the woods a couple weeks ago.

  3. Ya! I had to win MegaBucks, but didn't! hahahaha