Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birdhouse Wings

My husband's sense of humor . . .

My husband and I spent nearly twenty years working in boarding schools in England and Switzerland, and another eight years at one in the U.S.  When new buildings were built on these campuses, fundraising campaigns sometimes offered large donors (size of donation, not size of donors) a chance to have the building named after them.

For my birthday last year, my husband put up these signs (click to enlarge) on the birdhouse on the front porch.


For another view of this birdhouse/townhouse see last week's post below.

So: question for you today. If a building were named after you, what sort of building would you want it to be?


  1. LoL, cute birdhouses!

    I think it'd be cool to have a library named after me! Or a chocolatier. Yum! :)

  2. Ahaaaah! Row houses. It must be nice to have several buildings named after you.

  3. A library named after me would be wonderful. Ever read David Small's "The Library"? Based on a true story. Delightful story and illustrations. A zoo would be appropriate -:) I would want it to be someplace where people have fun and no sorrow. A hospital named after me would be rather sad although a hospital tries to do helpful things. No one WANTS to go to one. I'd just as soon have a building named after someone I love or admire rather than me.

  4. The Creech Condos seem to be frequently occupied and very well used.

    A building named for me...I don't think I'd want that. Our town has a park called Living Memorial Park...not named after anyone. I love that! What about you?

  5. Lovely idea! I like a lot, it's cute!

  6. Hi Sharon, love the bird houses and by the look of the post below, they get used by many different species of small birds.My wild bird family here in Perth consists mainly of Galah, Corella, Lorikeet and magpies, love them all!!

  7. Great sense of humour...and the buildings are richly deserved. Building? I think that it definitely would be a Fine Arts building which included both writing spaces and art studios. It's name wouldn't be just mine but would be the Mura Family Memorial.

  8. I think I like your husband. Great sense of humor. Either that, or he's for the birds! :-)

  9. Love this! Building for me? Oh dear, I guess it would have to be a dog kennel...with all mod cons of course.