Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Books, New Birds

I keep a running list of books that I'd like to read, and if the titles still resonate a week or two or three later, I buy them. Above are the most recent purchases and it feels like Christmas--wow!

Along with the new books came three new baby robins–hatched yesterday–in a porch nest. Two are seen here:

They remain in that position all day, mouths perpetually open, waiting for the parents to bring them morsels.

New books, new birds: feasts for the eyes, the mind, the soul.

Ciao, bellas. . . .


  1. Isn't nature grand! I never get over its wonder. Food for the soul, without a doubt.

    I'm intrigued by book number three in the photo. The colorful cover was the hook.

  2. Well, good luck to the robins. I had four in a nest on the patio several years ago and got to watch them grow up and leave, one after the other until the nest was empty. But they all made it.

  3. The birds look as if they're singing opera. The books need their beaks opened, too.

  4. Ciao to you! Looks like you have some reading ahead of you...when you're not writing that is.
    The lake had to be beautiful today.

  5. I like the idea of waiting to see if book titles resonate after a while and if so, then buy. Isn't it a privilege to have wild birds nesting nearby. For two years running now I've had coal tits nesting in a box on the terrace. I hear them squeaking for food as I eat breakfast and realise I'd better hurry so Mama and Papa can get back into the box. (Actually this year they are braver and pop in and out of the box whilst I'm there). We are presumably more advanced than you in climate as mine flew the nest long ago.

    There's a Folon bird - of sorts - on Monte Carlo today.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful birds! And books :) I've been wanting to get into some Sherman Alexie for a long time. I've heard he's fantastic.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  7. I have nests in the Jasmine wall and I hear the birds. but I've never seen them. I love the Blue Castle. I look forward to how you like the other two.

  8. Three new books, three new babies! Wonderful!

  9. You have such a talent..
    So glad you stopped by Sharon.
    Please do again

  10. The Blue Castle is my FAVORITE L.M. Montgomery book...I eagerly await your thoughts on it! Have you read The Story Girl and its sequel The Golden Road by Montgomery? I love those and the Emily trilogy the best after The Blue Castle...happy reading!

  11. Thanks, all. And sup.princess: no, I haven't read those books . . . thanks for the recommendation.