Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Birds Fly!

Look what was huddled on the corner of the porch this morning: baby sparrow.  I thought it might be injured, but as I approached it flew off to a nearby bush. This bird comes from the 'tenement' birdhouse that is below the robins' nest (the robins left the nest two days ago.)

Here is what the sparrow looked like just a week ago, a tiny, scrawny thing:

See it there, on the right, emerging from the green house?  (You can also see the baby robins above in their nest.)

There is one more sparrow left to leave the tenement. I hope it goes today, so I can snap out of this bird-hypnosis!


  1. Do you feel like a mid-wife to birds...seeing so many fledglings off and into the world?

  2. brattcat: Yes, I do! It's very strange. I don't know how so many other birds get hatched and fly off without me. :)

  3. I can't believe how quickly they grow...

  4. Sharon, Thank you for coming by my blog and for all the lovely comments. I too have had a nest of robins that I have been following--it is easy to become obsessed with their activity. Such a treat to watch them. A children's book writer--being a teacher I can really appreciate what you do. Loved all your "robin" pics--I'll come back soon to your blog. Mickie :)

  5. I wish your grandchildren were there to witness all this excitement going on at your place!