Monday, June 27, 2011

Birds Take Off!

When I walked out onto the porch yesterday, swoosh, one of the baby robins flew out of the nest and landed bumpily in the bushes. One of the parent robins soon came to lead it to a more secluded spot.

As I returned to the house, a second babe fluttered over my head, skimming my hair and landed on the porch, plop:

It then hopped under a planter:

About an hour later, I went out onto the back porch--on the other side of the house--and was about to sit down in a deck chair, when I saw this beneath it:

Oops. It's baby number two.  Not sure how it found its way around the house to this spot.  I called for the mother or father to come lead the bird away.  Seriously.

Back to the front porch nest to worry over bird number three, still in the nest. All alone.  All day and all night long.

This morning, that third bird finally plopped out of the nest and onto a table.  I called for the mother or father to lead it away.  They probably did.

I hope so, because one hour later, we saw a cat and four kittens crawl out from under the deck! What?

It's a regular animal nursery around here.


  1. Let's hope all those babies are safe and sound.

  2. Glad you had your camera handy!

  3. You seem to draw creation to you. It comes from within you, it reverberates out into your little pocket of the universe...over your head, under your feet. What a gift to be present for the first flights of these young robins.

  4. These babies are adorable and you are very talented with your camera, awesome close ups!
    Lots of love for these cute birds!

  5. Such lovely birds! Hope the cats stood away from the birds!
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous shots. And thanks for visiting my place and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****