Monday, June 20, 2011

Feed Me!

There are three baby robins, now four days old, in this nest.

"Feed me!"

They're not making any noise, but those mouths seem always open, and all day long, the parent birds fly to and fro delivering food: worms plucked from moist earth, and moths and other insects from plants and bushes.

Hard to get any work done with these sweet things so near . . . although maybe watching is part of my 'work.'


  1. I would consider it inspiration..research!

  2. Bird parents certainly have a rough schedule as soon as they have hatched chicks! They must be exhausted by day's end.

  3. I know exactly how captivating it can be. My morning plan was disrupted by praying mantises hatching from their egg case.

  4. I'm sure they will show up in one of your books!

  5. Yes, I think so. The mama and papa robins are feeding you, too.