Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toddler Robins

I can't help it. More bird pics. This second brood of robins commands more or our attention because the nest is directly outside the kitchen window and the front door.  Truly: those mouths are open from dawn to dusk. Parents are busy snatching up every bug in sight and dropping it down their throats.

There is a third baby bird in the nest which seems to be stepped on and sat on a lot. Here it strains for position in the middle:

I was the second oldest of five and didn't get stepped on too much; neither did my older sister or three younger brothers because they were all too cute or too scrappy. We're a close bunch.

You? Were you stepped on or sat on?  Or too cute? Too scrappy?


  1. I am the oldest, so I didn't get stepped on! It is a good thing baby birds are so endearing, because they sure aren't cute.

  2. The middle of three girls. I never did anything first or last. Nobody cried when I went off to school.

    I'm exaggerating. But I did feel as if I had to be really spectacular to get attention. So I went to law school and after nearly killing myself for three years I got the law degree and passed the bar and then thought: "Uh oh -- what have I gotten myself into?"

  3. I just left the nest and got my own at a very early age.

  4. I had a lot of fun watching the robins from egg to fledglings. I am sure you will too.

  5. Babies birds there, how adorable!
    Well...all I can think now it's to be at home in Brazil. I'm so homesick!
    I miss my "nest"!

  6. 13 years older than my brother, so no chance of getting stepped on :)

    Love those toddler birds and their crazy, fuzzy heads.

  7. I did a lot of sitting on when we were all younger. I'm the oldest, though now I'm the shortest. Ah, karma.