Thursday, April 5, 2012

Key to the Book Bracelet

Below is the 'key' to the bracelet of book-related charms:

Moving along the bracelet from left to right:

red bird = Chasing Redbird
soup pot = Granny Torrelli Makes Soup
sailboat = The Wanderer
Homer & The Odyssey  = Absolutely Normal Chaos
dog = Love That Dog
theater masks = Replay
music staff = The Recital
gun = Nickel Malley
pigeon = The Unfinished Angel
fish with rod = Fishing in the Air
cat = Hate That Cat
apple = Heartbeat
castle = The Castle Corona
red gemstone = Ruby Holler
moccasin = Walk Two Moons
cowboy hat = Pleasing the Ghost
baby cup = Who's That Baby
blackbirds on tree = The Great Unexpected
stack of books = A Fine, Fine School
St. Moritz, Switzerland,  charm = Bloomability

There! I think that's it!


  1. my poor eyes still can't see them all...and there are two titles i don't recognize! and one that has changed from the original, i think...but i love this key. thank you.

  2. brattcat: oops, I used the British title for PLEASING THE GHOST (cowboy hat charm) (now corrected.) And the 2 titles you don't recognize = books for adults published only in England. Won't the pic enlarge for you when you click on it?

  3. That's a beautiful bracelet. What a clever idea, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sharon! :)

  4. Your daughter did one heck of a job finding all those charms! Perfect.

  5. The bracelet is so neat. (I think I just dated myself.) Did your daughter say how long it took to find all of the charms?

    Your wrist must feel quite special when embellished with this lovely gift.

  6. What a wonderful idea! And where does one find all those charms? My bracelet will look awful bare with just one book thingy on it.

  7. Candy - my daughter scoured eBay, etsy, flea markets, etc., for a couple years. Yours will look perfect even with just one charm. Then you can add on . . . and on . . .

  8. Karen: (see above) - a couple years, she said.

  9. You'd better not write any more books, by the looks of things...

    Candy, you will have a bracelet with one very big boy. That's enough. Or it will spur you to write faster.

  10. I adore this. My sister just gave me a charm bracelet with a guitar on it- for Elvis! You are an inspiration for those off us with first books just out.

  11. That's a lovely bracelet very thoughtful. I love charm bracelets, always hold a lot of meaning :)

    Astley Clarke