Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bracelet of Books

A gift from my daughter
this treasured bracelet of charms
one charm for each of my books

twenty charms
for which she hunted far and wide

eighteen represent children's books
two represent adult books 
published only in England

below is a list of my books
if you want to match the charms with the books
(though you will have to know something about a few of the books to decipher the charm)


Absolutely Normal Chaos
The Castle Corona
Chasing Redbird
Granny Torrelli Makes Soup
The Great Unexpected
Hate That Cat
Love That Dog
Pleasing the Ghost
Ruby Holler
The Unfinished Angel
Walk Two Moons
The Wanderer

Picture Books:
A Fine, Fine School
Fishing in the Air
Who's That Baby?

For Adults (but out of print):
Nickel Malley
The Recital


  1. The cat and dog were pretty straightforward (Hate that Dog, Love that Cat). And the redbird for Chasing Redbird. I'm thinking the baby cup is for Ruby Holler. And the shoe for Walk Two Moons (it would have to be a moccasin). What a great bracelet -- and a natural intro for storytelling wherever you wear it.

  2. I LOVE this, Sharon! What a fabulous person your daughter is to build such a treasure for you.

  3. What a wonderful gift! What a wonderful daughter! She must have loved looking for the perfect charms.

    I look forward to playing with this puzzle.... :))

  4. Angela Knight KingMarch 27, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    I have yet to read all of the available books, but I have read Walk Two Moons, The Wanderer, Absolutely Normal Chaos, and Love that Dog enough times to make up for the rest of them - twice! What an amazing gift!

  5. Does your daughter have favorite books? This charm bracelet is pretty amazing - I love heartfelt, thoughtful gifts!

  6. Un joli petit trésor que le présent de votre fille...
    gros bisous

  7. I would not be able to match books and jewels, but I find the idea absolutely fantastic!It was surely hard for your daughter to find some of the matching charms, but what a precious treasure now!

  8. Kudos to your daughter for being such a sweetheart. Boy, I love having most of those books sitting on my desk. Still reading, thank you!

    You have missed some amazing weather up here this year.

  9. Lovely gift from your daughter.Even I will try this for my mom.Wearing such a beautiful bracelet will always remind the special bond between both of you.

  10. i can't see the charms well enough to match them up, but it certainly is a treat to read down that list of books and remember the experience of reading them. what a wonderful way to begin the day.

  11. the ways in which your books inspire are endless.

  12. You have a wonderful daughter - what a perfect gift.

  13. What a beautifully researched collection of gifts. Your daughter is someone really special and I can imagine how much this bracelet means to you.
    Congratulations !

  14. How amazing, the thought behind this gift. . . each charm carefully chosen. You were in your daughter's thoughts immensely during her search for the perfect charm—the true gift. To be remembered. It's a lovely gift.

  15. I'll take your word for it. What a special gift though! Kids are like that Ya, they are.

  16. What a nice gift! I'm sure your writer friends envy you. As a reader, maybe we can get one bracelet for each of our favorite authors and collect charms.

  17. Wow, I can't imagine a more exceptional gift! A true treasure, both the bracelet and what it represents.