Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunset and Home

Home last night
after three months away
in time to see the sunset

like the ending of a good book
pulling all the colors together
in one final, enveloping display

you say



  1. Welcome back Sharon! Hopefully some warm temperatures will follow you. Recently I got a new follower (Karen from Wisconsin). On her blog was a book shelf and "Ruby Holler." You sent her "The Unfinished Angel" for her granddaughter and she is such a fan. It's so fun, meeting new people with similar interests and tastebuds. I see some beautiful skies in your future as you look out over the lake.

  2. Home again, Finnegan! As Mom would always say when we pulled into the garage after and evening ride. Always nice to be home.

  3. The warmth of the colors are mesmerizing. There is such a feeling of calm that comes along with a beautiful sunset, especially when viewed from your doorstep. Double ahhhhh. . .

    (Lori) :-)

  4. Your pictures makes me think of the end of "Gone with the wind": beautiful and romantic!
    Welcome back home, dear Sharon!

  5. After being away so long, it must feel great to finally be home :^)