Sunday, April 8, 2012

Decorated Envelopes

I love receiving decorated/illustrated envelopes.

Young readers are generous with theirs:

I'm going to start a collection of these.

Meanwhile - here is a note added to one envelope
that makes me smile smile smile:

(If you don't understand the reference, ask someone over 30.)



  1. The envelopes are beautiful, but I especially like the note. Got the message!

  2. They are so vibrant. Love 'em. Re the last one: I admire their sense-of-humor.

  3. A thing(mail-art) that I ofen practise myself! Just a question: I saw Misery when I was already "old" and was soooo afraid by this movie! I'm just wondering how old is your fan that wrote this?! ..

  4. Malyss: the fan is quite young, but must know that movie!

  5. a very unusual young reader, that last one.

  6. Hahahahaha! Hilarious! I've seen Misery.

  7. Ha, that last envelope is a gem! When I was in the Air Force and lived in Iceland, I wrote me future wife long, long letters, with the outside envelope covered in prose. This was long ago, before personal computers, when writing letters on paper was the only way to twitter :^)

  8. Love the Misery reference! :)

    Glad you made it home safely also. That poem made me smile, and today I needed that. Thank you.