Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Snow

Last week
in shorts and tee shirt
I was digging in the garden

This morning
the snow began

and it snowed and snowed
all day long

and is still snowing now

like the white pages
of a manuscript:

a few pages at first
and then more
and more

it is so thick and deep
you could get



  1. The weather pattern has been so strange this year. You would think this would not surprise anyone, but yet it does! I hope you stay warm!

  2. We got it too....along with lots of rain.

  3. That's beautiful, though I'm glad the snow missed eastern PA! Spring snow is the worst. You're so ready for sunshine and warmth, colorful flowers, and lush leafy trees. This reminds me of the snow we had Halloween weekend last year. The leaves were still on the trees and we lost so many of them because of the heavy wet snow. I hope it doesn't happen again to you guys :( Stay safe and happy writing, Sharon!!

  4. La semaine dernière ce fut le cas paraît-il dans ma région (je n'étais pas présente alors...) Un matin, mon amie a dû chercher sa voiture tant elle était recouverte de neige ! Plus de 1 mètre de neige en une nuit. (Tarentaise dans la Loire)...
    De très jolis mots pour remplir du blanc.
    Gros bisous

  5. Beautiful! (Glad it's not snowing here, but still, beautiful!)

  6. Christmas card photos, especially the top one. Love it. Let's ignore the fact that it's nearly May.

  7. Yes, there is no explaining our wacky weather anymore. Same up and down pattern here in Charleston too!

  8. When I look at your snowy photos, I try to imagine how our three (very short) dogs would react. Our Texas dogs have never seen snow, and their little legs are so short it seems they would have to tunnel through the fields of white.

  9. Spring weather is very strange this year. Here,we have cold and wind, more wind, always wind, strong wind!usually, at this time of the year, we begin to go to the beach!
    I like your comparison between snow and white pages..

  10. love this entry. while you had snow we had rain. what sort of ms is composed of transparent pages?

  11. Why it didn't make an appearance in NE I'll never know. We seem to get it all. Heavy RAIN here and in VT and NH.