Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teachers and Librarians

Above: a box of treasure from a school in Texas
a box full of words and thoughts and gifts  
and loads of warmth

I'm going to write about this school
but for now
I'd like to salute
teachers and librarians
make all the difference
in a child's 

Did you have
a teacher or librarian
made all the difference
in your life?



  1. Looking forward to your post about the school! I think we all can think of a teacher that made a difference. It sure has been a long time since I was in school!

  2. My 5th grade teacher helped me and loved me through a difficult time in my life. She is the reason that I have empathy for children- their little hearts & lives, that I love them with all I have, that I give them all I can. She is the reason that I am a teacher.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about this school! The teacher who made the greatest difference in my life was my 9th grade English teacher. She suggested I be moved into her honors English class and encouraged me to join the school newspaper (she was the advisor). I've been writing ever since.

  4. Mrs Kibler(7th grade) and she never knew it,

  5. My high school French teacher made such an impression on me. A very independent thinker and intelligent person. I remember her very well. Can't wait to hear about this school.

  6. :) My 6th grade teacher encouraged my writing all through high school. I still email him when I get a pieces published. And ironically, you also encouraged me to keep writing when I met you at the South Euclid Lyndhurst Library. At the time, I figured if a published author says you should continue writing (even if it was horrible rhyming poetry,) you should just keep at it. Thanks for the tip! I'm still writing.

  7. Yes, absolutely! I fondly remember many of my teachers and librarians. :)

  8. Judy Watkins! The most wonderful public librarian I have ever encountered. She introduced me to Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series. I remember walking into our local branch and being handed a book she was sure I would love.

    Here's my salute to the author's who make a difference in many children's lives. Thank you for making my job so easy!

  9. My mom's a librarian and my sister's a teacher! I also work in a library, but don't have a MLS. It makes me so happy when people speak fondly of teachers; there are so many awful statements about teachers and education in the news lately... all of the teachers I know work so hard and love what they do!

  10. Throughout highschool I had an art teacher who always encouraged me to do my best. Under her care and encouragement, I went from frankly awful to pretty good. She raised my self-esteem by enabling me to do something well that I always wanted to do. I also love to visit art museums more than ever now. We are still friends. (I'm a junior in college now.) I send her a letter a couple times a year.

  11. I've been lucky enough to have several teacher in my life who made a difference - the first being my very own Grandmother.