Monday, February 20, 2012

So Much Depends Upon a Teacher

Yesterday, I showed this photo of a box of treasures that came from a school in Texas:

This isn't just a random collection of 'stuff' - each item feels specially chosen and warmly offered, from the school tee-shirt (which I've already worn proudly) and thermal drinking cup (they know I drink tea and water while I write) to the fine, fine chocolates (they know I love chocolate) –

that come with this warning

(they have a sense of humor)

and these seeds

"seeds of esperenza and morning glory"
to be scattered 
(representing hope)

Clipped to the top right of the card is
a trio of trinkets
representing cats, dogs, journeys
(Love That Dog, Hate That Cat, 
and many journeys)

and letters, amazing letters
full of enthusiasm and humor and warmth
Listen to this one line:

"I like to say your name, it has a creek in it like a door closing real slow."

Referring to my Skype session with them, one says:

"All of the love and happiness imported straight from New York 
makes me flabbergasted!"

And poems - how about this one:

So much depends upon
We gobble them
we make them
we fight over them

And of course, also in this box of treasures,
this perfect little red wheelbarrow

which refers to the William Carlos Williams poem
that means so much to the boy in LOVE THAT DOG:

so much depends/ upon / a red wheel / barrow // glazed with  rain / water // beside the white / chickens

This is a school with such a good feeling about it, from the teacher and students with whom I bonded several years ago, to their librarian and principal and fellow teachers and students - and there are more schools like this out there
ones where the administration and teachers and librarians 
set the tone
so much depends upon
their energy and compassion and enthusiasm

and you can feel it
in the students
in their words
and their actions

and I feel honored to know them.

They are changing children's lives:
so much depends upon them
so very very much.


  1. This makes me smile. What lucky students they are to have that school environment to look forward to everyday.

  2. What thoughtful gifts, from them and from you! Thanks for sharing. Made me feel all cozy inside.

  3. Wow. What a perfect collection of gifts. It feels like they were sending you the love they felt reading your books. Thank you for posting this. Inspiring, moving, funny, and delicious.

  4. Beautiful Sharon. How did you get connected to this school?

  5. This is wonderful! What a sweet and thoughtful package to send you. It's great to hear about teachers and students doing these things!

  6. Wow! What a thoughtful gift! A beautiful combination: creative engaged readers and a creative and engaging writer....magic.

  7. A wonderful, thoughtful, and creative gift.

  8. My "taco" boy is going to be soooo excited you published HIS poem on YOUR blog!!! We love you Sharon Creech!!!

    Thank you for constantly inspiring our kids!

  9. Dear Sharon Creech,
    We are soooooooooooooooo happy that you published our poetry. We hope you liked our poems as much as we LOVE YOU! In science, we are studying "Organisms and their Environment." Our plan is to write poetry as part of our study. We will organize our poems and share them with you. You may have to study a WHOLE LOT to understand inherited traits and learned behaviors. You will always be our inspiration, our favorite author, and our best friend.
    The Brainiacs

  10. Jumping Bean Poems - Today I brought my Mexican Jumping Beans to class and nearly scared my teacher to death!!!

  11. I guess that , when you're a writer, it must be very moving to see that people, especially children, love what you do, what you write, and that you're a part of their life. A writer is surely often alone, and suddenly, after such gifts, there's no loneliness anymore, but a lot of love and sharing.That's very moving!

  12. And Yeeeeeess! Comments work again!Yaheeee! :o)

  13. A very nice set of treasures to get.

    I hate those words I have to try and decipher at the bottom. I don't go to a lot of blogs because they have them turned on. I am giving it a try here to let you know that I am not dead.

  14. I hate those stupid word verifications, too - but I need them. You can click on the circular arrow to the right of them to get a new set . . . usually clearer. . .if that helps.)

  15. You are blessed, Sharon. So much love sent your way. . . :-)

    The children must have been so excited when assembling their special gift for you. It's so wonderful.

  16. Tomorrow I am presenting an author study based on you to my class. We all are Elementary Education students at James Madison University. I know my peers will love this post and will gain many ideas from. Thank you for you amazing writing and for inspiring teachers and students alike! Also, way to go Brainiacs!!

  17. You all 'get' it, and I love that.
    ntetlow: good luck w/that presentation!

  18. Malyss said it well, regarding your sometimes lonely profession and talent. The impact you have on the Braniacs will never escape them and will be passed down to the next generation.

    Thank you, thank you for sharing this special part of what you do and what you mean to others.


  19. Hear, Hear!
    So when should we expect that "LOVE that Cat" ditty? hahahaha