Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beaches and Writing

Maybe you love beaches
especially deserted ones
where the only sounds you hear 
are the waves and the seagulls. 

Maybe you come here to walk
and to empty the mind
so it can absorb the rhythm
of the water.

Maybe you stand in shallow water
and see the sun reflected
at your feet

and then look up
at the blue blue sky
and that astounding

And maybe then
when you are realigned
you go home
to write.



  1. Ah! What a beautiful post! Thanks for that.

  2. Beautiful words, Sharon. Quiet beaches. . . a wonderful way to bring one's innermost thoughts to the surface.

  3. Ideal conditions for you to do what you do. I love being near the water and can feel your words.

  4. or to read a delicately beautiful post like this one.

  5. It is a beautifully crisp, cold day here in CT, but I am planning a bundled-up beach walk on the Long Island Sound this afternoon. Even if I can't put my toes in the water, being at the shore is good for mind and spirit.

  6. Ok, you've made your point. I'm envious as hell. Next photo, please. hahaha

  7. This post reminds me lights from my childhood.I love the shells and the beautiful stories they always say to my heart!
    Have a nice week ahead,

  8. Thank you! Beautiful. A gift for the eyes and the soul.

  9. Oh, you say it so well, you understand it so perfectly!That's exactly how I feel , the kind of beach I love, the kind of emotions I have..Thank you to translate that into such beautyful words!

  10. ^__^ I miss beaches. I'm stuck with weird muddy-frosty grass in Ohio. And hills. So many hills.

    I love the seashells picture; you can practically touch them. When I went to Florida my favorite thing to do was scoop up handfuls of wet sand at low tide and feel the mollusks bury themselves into my palm. I was always amazed at how much more vibrant and colorful they were alive, all rosy pink and blue instead of shades of bone white.

    Thanks for bringing back happy memories.