Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring and Focus

Hellooooo, Spring!

Come on in.

You are always welcome here.

I'm always intrigued by how a writer chooses to begin a story,
especially with what focus:
will it be far out, giving the lay of the land,
as in movies 
when the camera begins high up 
and gradually moves in closer
and closer 
and closer
until it focuses on
the main character?

Or will it begin close up
immediately putting the focus on
a central person
or image 
and later moving out
to give us the lay of the land?

In paintings and photographs, too,
I like to think about
the artist's choices:
where is he/she directing our focus
and why?

It is spring in North Carolina,
a good time
to think about


  1. From this choice will come the style (of the book/movie/pic/painting.)
    And the fact that we will be attracted and enter into the story or not.
    Spring has usually a great way to catch our attention!

  2. It's not yet spring-like here in PA, but it hasn't felt like winter the past three months either. Is there an in-between winter and spring season because that's what it feels like! I can't wait to start seeing colorful flowers and green leaves. :)

  3. just catching up on your blogs and simply want to give you a bigga bigga hug for all the joy you bring to us. thank you.

  4. So adorable post! I'm anxious here waiting for Spring!

  5. Even though it's WINTER in Maine. I'm enjoying your words this morning. Ah... where to start?

  6. Having spent a lovely evening at two photography exhibits at the MFA this week, I am wondering the same thing. Thank you for sharing a bit of spring...I shall live vicariously through you for the next six weeks!

  7. Love love love the first photo. . . the colors, composition, and perspective. It drew me in immediately. 'Tis spring in Wisconsin when I look at that photo.

    I enjoyed your thoughts about focus and beginnings. . .a writer's insight for certain.

  8. Are you beginning a new book and if so, where will the focus be? On spring, a new beginning, new life, or?

    I agree with you re Nooks, nooks and books!

  9. Lowell: I'm finishing a book. It begins close up, as most of my books do. Close up and then pan back to get the wider picture.

  10. The creative process, indeed, applies to so many mediums. Thank you very much for commenting on my photography blog... in fact it is a real honor. We read and enjoyed your books when our kids were younger. As a matter of fact, I'm kinda giddy right now :^)

  11. Daffodils are far from the icy sleet hitting my windows right now. I love their bright cheeriness. I do love thinking about how authors begin their books. First pages really do tell me a lot about the journey I will experience as I read.