Monday, January 2, 2012


Last night, in the midst of the howling winds of a winter storm, the power went out for several hours. A good excuse to have dinner by candlelight and a fire in the fireplace.

Could even work with the aid of candles:

Much contemplation of life-before-electricity, so utterly dependent are we . . .

This morning, we awoke to a blue-white scene (view from the office):

The power is back on, the tea is hot, and the snow falls outside while I resume work inside:

Are you back to work or school today, mm?


  1. Good Morning Sharon.
    I can feel these photos! You can't beat a cozy fire and a candlelight dinner. We had high winds and it looks like in addition to a big drop in temperature, 6-16 inches of snow are on the way.
    You know all about snow where you live! Right now the sky is bright blue.

  2. Fortunately, we did not have a power outage but we did get very high winds and had to take our bird feeders down.

    I like fireplaces, and had one but took it out and now you see what looks like a walk in alcove. There is a place out of sight, but straight up, to hook up a stove pipe. So you could have one of those free standing fireplaces or one with a pipe or nothing.

    We got a fake fireplace with a mantle that is all electric. Shabby but it is like any electric heater but looks like real logs are burning. All done with lights and moving flames.

    It has not been on yet.

  3. Back to school today with very cold temps. I am enjoying the warm wood stove this evening. Stay warm.

  4. That fireplace makes, even the snow, play second fiddle. Can't beat woodstoves and fireplaces for warmth during storms.

  5. what a wonderful post this is. from the firelight to the cup of tea, i feel as if i've stepped into such a cozy world. enjoy your snow.

  6. Wonderful ambiance here. . . especially in the fireplace photo. It's as if I could warm my chilly fingertips by holding them near the photo.

    Mystery lurks in the window framed snow scene. Love the multi-dimensional look of the photo. Two scenes at once. A window to your inner and outer world. And who's face might we see, and from which dimension do they appear. :-O

    Electric outages were quite common when I was growing up on on the farm (Knowing how to hand milk cows was good practice back then.). I've memories of make believe haunted houses and homework done by the light of kerosene lamps.

  7. I love (short) power outages, for reminding me of what life used to be like...except those favored souls of the past had conveniences, like pumps to draw water from their wells, that I can only long for now. After the hurricane in New England this summer, I kept our milk cold by submerging it in our stream, and we cooked our meals over the was a lot of fun for a few days!

  8. Faith: I know that after a few days or even a few hours, the 'fun' of a power outage would wear off!