Monday, January 16, 2012

North Carolina

My husband and I have just completed a 900-mile road trek from western New York to southern North Carolina, and I'd hoped to post a photo taken early on the second day of the trip: sunrise in the Blue Ridge Mountains - all deep blues and lavenders and rose. But I've not yet been able to transfer the photo from phone to computer.  Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile, these two photos reflect what I'll be doing here:

No, not photography (though I'll continue to take photos), and no, not self-reflection (though that is ongoing, as well) . . .

I'm focussing on the new work-in-progress (not the one to be published in September - that one is finished), this new one that is three-fourths complete. What is it really about? What is IN there? I can almost see it.  Almost.  It came from me, but it isn't me. What is it?

I usually have to ask my editor that question when I submit it:  "What exactly is this, anyway?"

If you know, please let me know, mm?


  1. I love your posts, Sharon. Always inquisitive. I love the questions you ask!

  2. Need more clues to let you know.... How's the weather down there?

  3. I can't wait to see what it is. I'll be looking forward to your new book in September as well.

  4. Looks like hope. Light that can fill a soul with purpose and dignity. Beauty- so under-rated and under-loved. Loveliness waited to be spilled out in one felled swoop of a window shade, or a poem. I honeymooned there. Enjoy.

  5. after much reflection it will reveal itself fully to you...and to us, too. can't wait.

  6. I'm in exactly that place with my next novel. A few rounds of drafting have shown me what it ISN'T, but I'm still grasping at what it is at its core.
    Maybe I need a camera.

  7. Did you ever hear/see Laurel and Hardy singing 'The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia' ? It was, to my mind, the best (and funniest thing) they ever did.
    By the way, I enjoyed your Unfinished Angel.
    Regards, Mike (who is far to old to be reading childrens' books).

  8. A mysterious post. . . are the photos representative of your thought process or do they offer clues about the plot in the book? I wonder. I am intrigued by the light in the photos, the point of light made by the flash, and their dim to dark effect. Are they indicators of how close you are to the answer you seek?

  9. i'm drawn to the blue because it keeps the person in the picture hidden. the orange is lovely and warm and more transparent.

    i'm reminded of your "blue sunsets and endings". in that post, there's an intriguing contrast between the two colors and the lake. in this post, between the two colors and the light.

    interesting that color affects its reflection. can't wait to see your sunrise in the blue ridge mountains!