Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Transforming Power of Snow

The much-awaited blizzard arrives

and transforms the dull browns

begone brown!

hellooooo white!

and just when I'd been thinking

Why don't we live in the South?

the answer comes

in pure white mounds

and vast vistas of white 

and silver

and gold.

Love that snow.

Do you?


  1. Yes. I love that snow. As long as you don't have to get in the car.

  2. Yes, I do! We're still waiting for snow in CT--we had an off-season storm in October, but fall weather since then.
    Make a snow angel. :)

  3. You got WHITE; we got browns. Wow, wonderful whiteness... and NOT coming this way. Lake-effect?

  4. I think a good coating of snow just blankets everything with such peacefulness.

  5. Birdman: yes, lake-effect snow (from Lake Erie).

  6. We were spared once again! But it is darn cold over here. It won't be long until you are in a warmer climate, and I will be sitting here surrounded by white stuff.

  7. wow! that first shot looks like an illustration- beautiful! we don't see any snow here in CA, thanks for the reminder that it is winter!

  8. yes, yes, yes. love this post, too.

  9. I'm not a fan of snow, but you are selling me on the idea. We have had no snow for a while. We need it.

  10. Yes! Not only does it make everything look clean and calm, dampening down all sound, for us it also reflects the very little light we get. After a long dark Autumn longing for our first snowfall, we now have a beautiful think blanket of it that should last us until April.

  11. I adore snow! This has been the least snowiest winter I recall, and I lament the lack of it. Your photos and poetic post are lovely.

  12. Photos such as these are representative of my reasons for loving snow. Your descriptions are divine: pure white mounds, vistas of white, silver and gold. Love the photos—especially numbers five and six.

    One winter when I was walking on the pathway to the back of our property (we have an eighty acre farm), I saw and impression in the snow that nearly took my breath away. A hawk had descended just low enough to leave an impression of the tip of its wings and its tail. It was the most beautiful thing—an incredibly delicate snow sculpture.

  13. Karen - love that hawk's wing-and-tail impression in the snow! You observe poetically.

  14. Your photos and descriptions are what I love... Truthfully, I love snow in small doses and the symphony of silence it brings...


  15. Yes!!! Love snow and you photographs. :)