Thursday, September 1, 2011

On the Desk, Part Two

More things on the desk . . .

Above, the essential computer plus a couple lucky turtles.

Dozens of family photos . . ..

Flowers from the yard (these are Rose of *Sharon*) 
in Ikebana vase

Mini-dark-chocolate Milky Way


And oh yes, the manuscript-in-progress:
66 pages of rough draft prose

And observing me and my desk is this squirrel
three feet in front of me
eye level.

Is your desk near a window? 


  1. Why is that mini dark chocolate milky way still in its wrapper?!? On my desk there would only be past evidence of chocolate consumption.

  2. Not too many people have such a beautiful office with a view of the lake...luckyducky! There are three big windows in my command central, but my desk is not near them. You will see, when you pay us a visit this fall.

  3. No desk for me. I wish I had a steady place. Usually, I write at my favorite wooden table in our library. Squirrels also visit the trees outside that space, but I prefer watching the nuthatches, cardinals, chickadees, and finches that frequent the bird feeders.

    Why are the turtles lucky for you?

  4. I have a large window near my first floor workspace. Early one morning I realized a wild tom turkey was in the front yard watching me. He was the perfect specimen—as if he had been "plucked" from the pages of a Thanksgiving Day storybook. I think he was smitten because he lingered outside my window for some time.

    That adorable little squirrel may very well be eyeing your Milky Way bar or your lucky turtles.

  5. love that muse of yours watching from the tree.

  6. Oh, I'm so glad! I'm able to comment again!
    Could you explain me how you did, I have an other blogfriend who has the same problem, and I don't know how to explain the solution in english..
    And no, my desk is not in front of the window; But on the wall behind it, there are plenty of pictures showing beautyful places.Do you think the squirrel is looking at you or at the milky way?..:o))

  7. Gotta have a window nearby. I need to see the sky and hear the rustling of afternoon breezes. This morning riding my desk are, in no particular order: a pipe rack, son's sculpture, pen rack, cup of coffee, few photos, small wooden boxes, my dad's pocket watch, toy typewriter, a couple of stray rocks,a box of metallic poetry pieces, and a bobble head doll. Sheeeesh! How do I get work done? hahaha

  8. My desk is away from the window...too tempting to glance out and just people watch! (We live on the 3rd level of an apartment building)

    I've got: a dried flower arrangement, an old book, an empty photograph frame, a Willow Tree figurine, a tiny piece of pottery with some paint brushes in it, and a tiny wooden lamp on my desk.

    I love writing in one subject spiral notebooks, so I buy them whenever they're on sale. As for pens...whichever ones aren't 'scratchy'. I can't abide a scratchy pen. Must be smooth!

    Have you seen any of the baby squirrels recently??

  9. L. Jewel - not sure how/why the turtles came to be 'lucky' - they just FEEL lucky.
    Others - Maybe the squirrel IS eyeing the milky way or the turtles - shoot - and I thought it was interested in me. hmmm.

  10. Superhero princess: I've *heard* the babies so I know they are nearby in another tree, and I've seen the mother busily running up and down.

  11. Wonderful space! Funny how outside space is often a reflection of inside space. We recently re-painted and re-dedicated the spare room to creative efforts. The window looks out onto a long view of evergreen woods and a cliff called Rattlesnake Ridge. It is easy to imagine oneself in a treehouse - so I call it "The Loft." I have two white boards on the wall to get ideas out of my head and a big, brown couch that pulls out into a bed for guests when needed. No desk. It's a small, cozy room.